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Meet The Team


@ianodja_stylist216 - Salon owner/hairstylist with 15+ years of experience. Healthy hair is always first in my book.

Precession cuts, hair color , proper hair enhancement techniques such as i-tips, microlinks, keratin tips, sew ins and more.

Nodja D.


Sherry H.

@hair_Analyst - Licensed professional hairstylist devoted to caring for the hair and scalp with a holistic approach. Silk presses, Precission cuts, relaxers, hair coloring, updos, and specializing in the hair care of children


Shirell H.

@beautifullydopesince88 - I am a licensed cosmetologist and freelance makeup artist specializing in healthy hair care, Locs, silk presses, rod sets, braids, twists, coils, extensions, MakeUp and more. Recieving my cosmetology license in 2012 allowed for my sole focus to being a natural hair artist.  I pride myself  on being very knowledgable of products and ways to make your natural hair journey as easy as possible, I can not wait to help you with your personal hair journey.


Slim D.

@slimhairkravingz - Licensed cosmetologist caring for the health of your hair Silk presses, blunt cuts, hair coloring, and more

Looking For Braider To Join Our Team

Looking For A Nailtech To Join Our Team 

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